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A Cultural Wedding

As a designer, to hear that your work has been featured somewhere; well, it’s the icing on the cake. Whether it’s traditional or non, exotic or more familiar, it doesn’t even matter; it’s simply delicious. And I love to share, so feast your eyes on this……

Maharani Weddings: Southern California Wedding Ceremony by Grand Design Photography

Rajeev and Shavreen

Her jewelry was made with stunning diamonds and rubies.




 There are so many special touches for this wedding; every detail is custom and personalized.


 And for my contribution…..

The memorial charm that dangles from her bouquet, in honor of her father, whom she lost 7 years ago.

If these exquisite images leave you wanting more, simply follow this link to Maharani Weddings to see the rest of this beautiful event:

Keri O’Hara