Scandinavian Wedding Cakes…also Gluten Free!


If you are looking for a wedding cake that is a little different from the norm or you or your intended are gluten intolerant, the Scandinavian KRANSEKAGE may be what you are looking for.
Growing up in a Danish household and having a father who was a Master Baker, I was used to seeing the kransekage(wreath cake) for all major occasions…weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings…

Although the picture above shows it as a tower, it can also be laid on its side and become a cornucopia and filled with whatever you desire…small cookies, candy, ? Also lovely as a centerpiece on one of your tables at your reception, decorated with hearts, flags, chocolate designs…

cornucopiaThis picture came from

The kransekage can be made from purchased almond paste which is easiest…and can also be made from almonds that you grind.

The link for a recipe which uses almond paste(from

The link for a recipe which uses ground almonds:(from a blog called global table adventure) This posting gives you plenty of pictures as well…

here is a link for forms that can be used:

If you don’t want to use almonds/almond paste, they can also be made from a cookie dough. (I made a kransekage from sugar cookie dough once…as long as it is not a soft dough…you need to be able to make it into solid ring shapes)

A fun cake to make and a delicious cake to eat!
Eva from A Bridal Touch

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