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Holiday Weddings – Would you attend a wedding (or have your wedding) on a major holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas?





Julie from OddLotEmporium

If it was an offbeat or super cool themed wedding I would!






We attended a friend’s wedding last year over Thanksgiving weekend and it was so much fun. The couple created an entire wedding weekend (and on a strict budget no less!) on the bride’s family farm. A lot of the guests actually stayed out at the farm for the weekend and the family made Thanksgiving dinner for everyone who was in town the day before the wedding. All of the thoughtful details that went into the weekend made the whole event feel so intimate and family-oriented. It was truly a one of a kind wedding that I will never forget!





Edi from MemoriesForLife

Yes, if it was for family or a close friend. If it’s a family wedding, I’ll get to spend it with my family and celebrate a new family member 🙂





Amanda from ArtisanMaskers

I agree that it would depend how close I was to the family. I did take photos for a Valentine bride once, and it was really beautiful because (unprompted!) everyone showed up in her colors: black, white, and red! She also had the good fortune to get married on a snow day. I don’t remember ever photographing a more striking event!





Dalynda from SteampunkWedding

Of course! Sometimes it is the only time a family can get together! For example, my little brother is on active duty in the military & often it is the one time of the year he can get leave to come home. The more the merrier!

By the way, a Halloween Wedding is the most fun ever! Everyone got to dress up and have a lot of fun!





Eva from ABridalTouch

My niece was married Jan 2…it was a terrific way to end the holiday. I would definitely attend a family member’s wedding whenever it is held because there is usually a reason why it would be held over the holiday.





Keri from DelaneyPhotoJewelry

I want to say, No, and No. But we go to my parents for Christmas, and I supposed that since my father can officiate, it could happen at my parents home. They have hosted weddings there before. But it’s very important to me to have Christmas morning as planned. I still have believers.





Kitty from KittyKanzashi

I probably be hesitant about Christmas only because of travel and accommodation but if that has all been sorted then why not.





Ella from EllaWinston

I don’t think I would attend a wedding on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. With two large families it’s hard enough trying to get in time with everyone. If a close family member were getting married I would go. Any other holiday would be fun! I’d love to go to a New Year’s wedding, a Halloween wedding or even a Thanksgiving wedding!

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