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What are your favorite color combinations for winter weddings?





Julie from OddLotEmporium

red, pink black!
and then i swing totally opposite and go rustic with white and brown









Jewel tones (deep purple, red, or emerald green) are so beautiful any time of year but especially in winter months. I also think that black or silver accents look incredibly elegant for winter weddings.





Edi from MemoriesForLife

I love Blue & White and Red & White for winter weddings! A little silver thrown in too 🙂





Amanda from ArtisanMaskers

Because of the potential for a lovely white backdrop, I agree that deep or vivid colors can look especially beautiful in the wintertime. I personally would veer for the “natural” palette–greens, browns, deep oranges, etc.–because those are the “deep” colors I love best! I think it would also be GORGEOUS to see a pale/pastel color scheme against the snow, though.





Keri from DelaneyPhotoJewelry

Well I first imagined that I would pick beautiful Holiday colors, like red, white and silver. My initial thought was that it wouldn’t look right to have a pastel colored wedding in Winter. But then I realized that a steely lavender and white, would be stunning. Knowing myself, I would add a hint of deep purple into that combination. So now my new answer is a Lavender.





Dalynda from SteampunkWedding

Crimson red roses, ebony black suits, and Snow White! A classic combination which can be personalized with vintage styles of dress and suits from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

These classic colors and styles can be worn again at most formal occasions. Choose a bridesmaid dress in a deep crimson velvet, for example. They will love you even more for it!





Eva from ABridalTouch

I love the deep burgundy shades and the forest green with silver accents for the cold climates.





Kitty from KittyKanzashi

I would probably look towards the deeper and richer colours like burgundy or blue with hints of cream. Sort of the deep colours that the victorian fashions are famous for.





Ella from EllaWinston

I would opt for the deep purples and reds. I would love a blackberry purple with a red bordeaux and then add gold as an accent color.

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  1. Mostly gold with a touch of another deep color like purple or blue.

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