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Did you (or would you) opt for the traditional wedding cake? If not, what would you have?






Jennifer from ClayBouquetShop

We went untraditional…chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing (yep, it wasn’t white) and raspberry filling. Mmmmmmmm.

Unfortunately, since we didn’t have traditional colors, the baker basically made a 2 tier birthday cake. It was abysmal.

I asked for fall colored flowers (and showed them the inspiration photo of the hydrangea covered chocolate cake I found online.) They substituted pink, orange and white birthday cake icing flowers (the ones you can find in your supermarket.) Ugh!

I’m still surprised that I waited until after the honeymoon to complain. But the cake was good…so good we took the top tier out of the freezer and finished it the week after our honeymoon. : )

I made up for it by having a mini replica of what it *should* have looked like for our first anniversary dinner. : )






Julie from OddLotEmporium

We had a German Wedding cake, it was awesome. Totally nontraditional for the US. We had Rasberry filling with chocolate cake and this authentic German icing. It was the best ever! Hubby and I still talk about that cake to this day, and every time I visit my hometown we still go by the German Bakery and get a treat!






Dalynda from SteampunkWedding

Dark chocolate raspberry, Italian creme, and carrot cake were the three different cakes we served, each layer was lifted by pedestals. It was amazing. So glad we took the time to find a great baker & spent the money to feed over 150 people.






Amanda from ArtisanMaskers

My mother-in-law is a phenomenal cook and she made our cake traditional Argentine style. So it had layers of strawberries, puff pastry, whipped cream, and dulce de leche inside. It was SO GOOD.

Like Jennifer, I opted for a brown cake (though mine was a more caramel-colored fondant), and at first my mother-in-law was totally weirded out by my request! Ha ha! But she experimented until she got it just right and it looked beautiful and perfectly fit the casual, offbeat vibe of our reception.










Ella from EllaWinston

Cupcakes!! I LOVE cupcakes! We choose mini cupcakes from this AMAZING San Francisco bakery. We had five different flavors so our guests could enjoy a variety. There was red velvet, carrot cake, mocha, chocolate and my personal favorite snickerdoodle. Every time we travel back to the Bay Area we have to stop and pick and up some yummy cupcakes 🙂

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