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Does your family have any wedding traditions? If so, did you honor them on your special day?






Jennifer from ClayBouquetShop

We do the “dance with the bride” aka “the money dance”, where everyone (who wants to) pays a dollar or more to dance with the bride for enough time to wish her well.
We opted to skip it.
We also skipped the polka (Slovak/Hungarian heritage) due to my husband’s protests. LOL






Kitty from KittyKanzashi

Well we sort of made the guest give us “lucky money” as wedding presents because that is the Chinese way of helping the married couple with their new life together. It is also very practical!!!

Then there is the tea ceremony where me and my husband present tea to our parents, brothers and senior members of the family. One to thank them for coming to our wedding but two it is the time where they would present us with gifts!!!!!






Dalynda from SteampunkWedding

We did a traditional ‘Salt’ ceremony at our wedding to blend two families.

Covenant of Salt

The Covenant of Salt ceremony is used in many Biblical traditions. Salt is referred to in the Bible many times, since it was a very important and valued commodity.

To the ancient Hebrews, salt represented purification, and was also symbolic of enduring friendship, honesty, and loyalty. Today some Eastern people still use the phrase: “There is salt between us.” Having no salt, meant disloyalty and barrenness.”

The Covenant of Salt indicates as a binding contract. In the Bible, when a contract was made, each party put a pinch of salt into the others pouch of salt.
It was said that when each grain of salt could be sorted, identified, and returned to the rightful owner, the contract could be broken.
Today, partners each take a vial of salt, and pour their salt into a container, joining the grains together for eternity.
This tradition is popular with many religiously observant couples in place of the sand ceremony.






Ella from EllaWinston

My family doesn’t have any special wedding traditions, other than what’s traditional for weddings 🙂

Some traditions we kept and others we broke, such as seeing the bride before the wedding.

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