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When planning a wedding it’s important to have your partner’s opinion and input. But who Gets the Final Say, Anyway?


Jennifer from ClayBouquetShop

That’s a tough one.
I think that if someone is contributing financially (the couple and/or parents), respect should be given to their opinions.
If the couple are covering half or all of the costs, final say should go to the couple, but the input needs to be considered.
If the wedding costs are being covered in entirety or in majority by the parents, then they will most likely control the expenditures, so final say would be theirs. But, for instance, if 2 gowns cost the same, the bride should be able to choose between them.

When it comes to DIYing, I think the DIYer gets the final say…as I told my husband, if he wouldn’t help me, and negated the first 3 or more creations without making suggestions or offering to pitch in, he lost his vote on future revisions! LOL (I love him dearly, but oy vey!)



We both have input. We both work on things.
I do think because I am more crafty I get the final say since I am doing it.
But, this time around he is more hands on:)


Keri from DelaneyPhotoJewelry

I think it is very important to ask, but I always have a very convincing sales pitch for my opinion. I think if they feel important enough in the decision making process they may be more likely to give in. The final say really boils down to the topic. But I think the bride should have the final say for most decisions.


Edi from MemoriesForLife

In my opinion, a wedding, like a marriage should be about compromise. If I get final say on one thing, I would allow my fiancee to have final say on something else. It’s about give and take 🙂


Ella from EllaWinston

I would have to agree with most that it depends on what we are talking about. If it’s the wedding dress, the bride ALWAYS gets the final say. I would say that anything else should come down to what the bride and groom want for their big day. Of course with taking into consideration the opinions of those assisting financially 🙂

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