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Do you prefer a large wedding reception (all of your families and friends) or an intimate celebration (the two of you or a very small group..20 or less?) And why?


Edi from MemoriesForLife

For the wedding, a small family only ceremony. But for the reception, a big get together with all our families and friends!
I’d like the wedding small because I don’t want a big fuss made over the ceremony…short & sweet 🙂 But I want the party to last all night. A way to thank everyone for being there for us through the years.


Julie from OddLotEmporium

Small, definitely small. I just want to party with the people closest to me, no need to invite everyone I have ever met LOL


Jennifer from ClayBouquetShop

I’m glad we had our friends and family there…less than 100 people. But part of me really wanted a small intimate wedding with just the two of us and a few people. 🙂


Kitty from KittyKanzashi

Depending on your definition of small and intimate…..I had 65 guests at my wedding and in my parents’ eyes that was small and intimate since they are use to weddings with 150 guest as a minimum.

Personally I was happy with my number as I got to talk to everyone and it was nice and relaxed


Tonya from DaintyJewelryByTonya

I enjoyed having all our family and friends at our wedding ceremony. But of course we could not afford to feed everyone at the reception. We limited the reception invites to 200 folks that were closest to us. We had both friends and family that traveled long distance to attend our wedding, so we made sure they were included in the reception plans.


Dalynda from SteampunkWedding

We had about 150 people, but I don’t feel like I was able to really talk to each person very well. My groom had lots of cousins; I felt inadequately prepared.

Smaller would have been better, but we’d need more than 20, maybe more like 50 people?


Ella from EllaWinston

My husband and I wanted to celebrate with our closest family and friends. We ended up around 100 guests and the size was perfect. I just wish we had about 5 more hours to social with everyone. I swear the night just flew by!

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  1. I like everyone’s reasoning behind their choice of big vs. small 🙂

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