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Save the date cards ~ are they necessary? Did you opt to send them out?


Jennifer from ClayBouquetShop

I think it helps family and friends in terms of scheduling time off of work, especially if they are sent far in advance. (Ours were sent out a full year ahead of time.)
It can also be a great way to announce your website (for RSVPs, date, venue, menu options, hotels, area information, etc.).
And since they are sent out early, they don’t have to match your invites. : ) I created ours on Vistaprint for fairly cheap, so it was well worth it. : )


Karen from BlingForTheTable

I love the idea of receiving Save The Date cards. In a time where we are so busy it helps to give people a heads up on the upcoming wedding. It also provides the bride to be the opportunity to introduce herself and her fiance with a special photo. I guess if my budget was tight I might forgo but I personally love to receive them.


Dalynda from SteampunkWedding

I ❤ Save the Dates!

Even if the notice isn’t a formal card or mailing, a simple email really helps!
Our calendar includes several weddings this summer in at least three different states!

Many friends and families are really busy in the summer months, especially, so giving as much notice as possible is preferred. We’ve received ‘Save the Date’ cards, emails – one even included a YouTube link with pictures of the couple with a favorite song!


Kristin from BagSecrets

Save the date cards are not only fun to receive but I think they are necessary these days with our other responsibilities and commitments. I am so glad that my husband and I decided to send them out nearly 6 months in advance as we had several guests mention they already had trips planned but decided to reschedule so they could attend our wedding! As Dalynda mentioned above there are a few ways to send out Save the Dates for free, they don’t need to expensive. I too have received a Save the Date by email with a photo of the couple which actually linked back to their wedding website where you could even RSVP for their wedding!

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