Wedding Cakes: The Cup Cake Wedding Tower

By ABridalTouch

My father was a master baker and so I gravitated towards the various options for today’s wedding cake. The traditional wedding cake that my father baked and decorated in the 1950s and 1960s was a yellow batter cake close to a pound cake texture, filled and iced with white buttercream icing and roses. I could watch him for hours making those roses. Then taking his creation to where the reception was being held and putting it all together(I remember one time when it was a seven layer one-we were all holding our breaths on that one!)
A bridal couple can still decide to get a traditional cake like my father used to make or they can elect to choose something completely different.

One wedding cake option available is the Cupcake Wedding Cake. What is great about the cupcake wedding cake idea is that not only is it trendy but it is also easier on your budget. If you have dietary contraints/choices such as vegan, gluten free, diabetic, etc., making cupcakes is very doable and makes everyone happy.

cupcakecollage 1
Just looking online you can find the recipes, various ideas for the stands(many have a small cake on top with the topper and the other tiers are the cupcakes. The option of the small cake on top means that you can still have the traditional “cutting of the cake” photographs).
There are cupcake decorations, cupcake boxes for the guests to take the cupcakes home, real flowers, photographs…wide open choices here. So many options for the towers and they can be rented, bought, or made.
A fun option for today’s wedding!

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