Personalized Bridal Party Gifts

By BagSecrets

Have you been racking your brain trying to figure out what to get your Bridesmaids? Why not get them something personalized to each of them. Get them something they can use even after your wedding so they will always remember being a part of your special day. Below are some of my favorite personalized gift ideas. Enjoy!

Personalized Clutches ~ Give your Bridesmaids clutches that match your wedding colors. Not only does this create a fun photo opportunity but they can use the clutches even after your wedding! Bag Secrets also offers the option of adding a personalized label for the interior to make for a truly personalized gift!

To view more options visit Bag Secrets


Personalized Hangers ~ Amy from Amy’s Original Bridal Hanger offers another unique gift idea for your Bridesmaids. She creates custom hangers with your Bridesmaid’s names or titles!

To view more options visit Amy’s Original Bridal Hangers


Frames ~ For a rustic theme wedding you can give your Bridesmaids personalized picture frames. I just love these wood frames from Prince Whitaker!

To view more visit Prince Whitaker


Robes ~ Embroidered robes are another great gift idea! You can your Bridesmaid can relax in comfort before your wedding in your matching but personalized robes!

To view more visit Embroidery by Melissa


Shirts ~ I received a tank top much like these listed below at my Bridal Shower and needless to say nearly two years later I still wear it! These tank tops are fun, comfortable and make great gifts!

To view more visit Unique and Trendy


Necklace ~ I just love these necklaces from NY Metals. You can add a gem stone that matches your wedding colors, your Bridesmaid’s initial and a special charm just for them. What a sweet way for them to remember being a part of your special day!

To view more visit NY Metals


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