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We ask the WedEclectic team a question, and post their answers each week…providing some advice, inspiration and insight into the person behind our shops. We hope you enjoy them!

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What helped you decide on rings? (For female team members:) Did you go with your fiance to pick out the ring, or did he choose on his own?


dalynda marie avatar

My fiance designed my engagement ring and our wedding bands.  Then he had them custom made!  My engagement ring was his birthstone, so it was very affordable & our wedding bands incorporated small diamonds from other family heirlooms.  It was important for us to have ‘conflict-free’ diamonds, so this was a nice plan.


Kristin Ames avatar
Kristin Ames from BagSecrets 

My fiance actually picked out my engagement ring on his own. I always thought that I would want to be there and pick it out together but honestly it meant more to me that he choose this ring for me. I don’t think I could have made the decision even if I did go, there are too many! We did shop for our engagement bands together which was perfect.


Kitty Kanzashi avatar
Kitty Kanzashi from kittykanzashi   

When we were both looking at engagement rings we were actually living apart so we had to use the internet to look for rings.  In the end, we both found the same jeweller in London who sold victorian style rings!  It appears we had the same taste in rings so bingo!
As for wedding band, we originally wanted some sort of silver coloured ring like platinum or white gold to match with the engagement ring but after a quick look online and in the shops we found that they were so expensive!   I know how can you be cheap with something like a wedding band?  Simple, the both of us are very clumsy and are prone to losing things so it would be heartbreaking if our rings got damaged.  In the end Etsy came to the rescue and we brought a couple of tungsten carbide ring which have survived everything that we have both thrown at it.  Even my mother who is a bit of a snob when it comes to jewellery loved the ring because it had a lovely shine to it.


Jennifer Ferencz-Barato avatar
Jennifer Ferencz-Barato from  ClayBouquetShop  

I was concerned about getting a conflict-free diamond, and my Mom offered the diamond from her engagement ring, as she no longer wore it with her wedding ring. My husband wasn’t sure about using it in the engagement ring, but after I showed him a ring design that I liked, he agreed to include it in the ring, which we had made locally…and to safeguard the diamond until he proposed.  🙂
I wanted recycled metal wedding rings, and found a local jeweler who created them for us. Ironically enough, he lost his wedding ring in the house (we blame the cats…perhaps playing with it and “losing” it somewhere), and he now wears his Father’s wedding ring instead. So it ends up that we both wear something from our parents to signify our marriage. : )

What helped you decide on rings? Did you go with your fiance to pick out the ring, or did he choose on his own?

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