Wedding Cake Toppers

By HeatherBoyd

Think delicious! Think dramatic! It is hard to imagine a wedding or any celebration without a cake.

The wedding cake holds a place of honor at the reception, and is the highlight of the wedding during the cutting ceremony. It symbolizes happiness, good fortune, and a sweet life together.

Today’s wedding cakes can reflect the couples’ hobbies, occupations or personal interests.

Other wedding cake design considerations will include:

  • The color theme used in the reception area.
  • Wedding cake’s flavor, filling and icing preferences.
  • The cake’s assembly; for example, stacked or tiered? And if tiered, will the tiers be placed directly above one another or will satellite tier stands be used? Will this be a sheet cake?
  • Shape of the layers:  round, square, heart?
  • Wedding cake ornaments may include fun charms for the bridesmaids, elegant cake jewelry, silk butterflies, live or sugarcraft flowers, and of course the cake’s topper.

Here is a collection of unique, customized wedding cake toppers available on Etsy…

1. LOVE topper by ThePinkOwlGifts…monogram wedding cake toppers and more.

 wedeclectic love topper

2. Tandem wedding cake topper by Heather Boyd.


3. Love Birds…I do, me too by SkyeArt.

 wedeclectic love birds topper

4.  Awesome Seahorse cake topper by MorganTheCreator.

 wedeclectic seahorse topper

5.  Paper Cut out Wedding cake toppers by ReadyGo.

 wedeclectic paper dolls topper

6. Custom banner wedding cake topper by atCompanyB.

 wedeclectic banner topper

7. Custom Wood Folk Art cake topper by PokeberryPatch.

 wedeclectic custom woodcut topper

8.  Custom cake topper by Silhouetteweddings.

 wedeclectic silhouette topper

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