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So you may have spent hours or just a few minutes looking at what type and style of cake you want for your day.  You may have opted for a huge three tier showstopper or maybe a table laden with delectable cupcakes all beautiful decorated.

wedding cake

No matter what you have ordered you have expectations so imagine your horror when you see your cake for the first time and it is a monstrosity!


It is lopsided, the decoration can only be described as something that children produce with pots of paints and fingers and it is something that resemble the twin of Jubba the Hutt.

In fact you can see plenty of example on

What do you do?  Well reframe from doing anything rash like grabbing the cake maker and strangling them.  It is tempting but non productive. Not to mention illegal.

Understandable you should be upset and rightly so because the cake is rubbish.  However why not Keep Calm and just laugh it off!  In the end of the day, the cake will be cut up and eaten by your guests so it doesn’t matter if the cake looks bad.

Of course it will mean you have some “interesting” cake cutting photos but at least you will have a good reason to destroy it.

In fact why not turn the ugly cake into an entertaining piece for the guest!  Grab some cake decorating supplies and put them next to your cake and ask your guest to add their artistic flair to it.  They can not make it worse so why not have fun.  In fact you can make it into a competition and afterwards you will have a truly unique cake decorated by your friends and family.

Alternatively if you have the time then you could try to find replacements.  It will probably be impossible to find a cake of similar size and style at such short notice but you could probably find some nice alternatives but make sure you buy enough cake for everyone.  If you do not have any money left in your budget to replace the cake how about asking your guests to bring one along!  Yes it is very cheeky but I can not imagine anyone will be upset by your request and the plus side of this would be the varied cake selection you will get.

Remember your wedding day is a day of happiness and joy so do not let a cake ruin it.

Isla Wong
(aka Kitty Kanzashi)

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  1. ClayBouquetShop

    I had to chuckle when reading this, as I recalled our own cake debacle…which was actually featured on Cake Wrecks! ( – the last one.) Somehow I didn’t go nuts, and I almost refused to do the cake cutting. But I made up for it on our first anniversary by having a mini-me version of the inspiration cake being made and delivered to our favorite restaurant. It was a sweet surprise for my husband. : )

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