Hiring a Photographer for your Destination Wedding

By LaCocoRouge


You are getting married…where?  Whether it’s a tropical island, another continent or merely another state you are travelling either by plane, train or automobile.  So what does this mean for your photographer?


If you are travelling outside of the country you could hire someone local who you get to meet in person or someone at your destination who already knows the locations.  Both seem appealing right?


There are significant advantages and disadvantages to both so it’s up to you to decide what is going to be more important.


If hiring someone local you have the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with them which can make a difference for those intimate moments which will be frozen on paper for life.  Travel, lodging and meals plus tips will certainly be an added expense as well as transportation and any other incidentals that should crop up that are wedding related.   It may be easier to come up with a per diem if the meals aren’t part of the venue package deal.  For everything else they are on their own (such as tours, etc.)


You will want to consider flying your photographer to the site a few days early to allow for any time changes, to get settled and to scout out locations other than the venue.  Does your photographer have experience travelling to destination shoots?  Are they comfortable travelling with their equipments and know the ins and outs of what to do should something happen to their equipment?  Do they have backup equipment travelling separately or on board?


Sit down and have a list of your questions ready.  Your photographer should already have a written estimate of everything that needs to be covered and what those fees will be written into an agreement.  Make sure your needs and those of the photographer are clearly defined to prevent any surprises down the road.


Don’t be afraid to negotiate.  If you never ask – you will never know.  Sometimes the answer will benefit you!  Some photographers will also work a destination wedding for the expenses only depending on the location.  If it’s a place that’s difficult to reach or unlikely they will ever travel to, then they may be open to some creative thinking on your part!


Stephanie Farley

La Coco Rouge, LLC

Owner – Designer – Performer




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  1. Very nice. Lots of good points.

  2. Great advice. It always pays to consider things before jumping in and DEFINITELY get expected expenses, etc., in writing so you don’t have post-wedding mess/stress!

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