Hiring a Photographer for Your Wedding

By LaCocoRouge 


So you are busy planning a wedding – maybe you have help or maybe you are doing it all on your own.  Flowers, food, dress, bridesmaids, family, invitations, photographer…


Every single moment of your wedding is important but then you think about the photographer.  The person you will hire to immortalize your wedding day forever.  Yes forever.


There are a few things you should think about before settling on that one person.  Maybe you have a friend who takes lovely photos and is wiling to do it as a gift.  Consider this carefully – not to disregard your friend but seriously.  Think about this.  You are not going on a picnic, or visiting Disneyworld or even having a birthday dinner and your friend is invited along and is taking photos.


This is a monumental event which covers not only the day itself but perhaps the events the day before such as the rehearsal, dinner, etc.


Depending on the skill and professionalism of your friend this may be a great idea.  So here are a few things to think about regarding hiring a photographer.


When hiring a professional you are paying for certain absolute truths.  First look at their portfolio.  Typically this will be their website.  Do you like their style?


Have a conversation with them.  Set up a meeting in person.  Do you like them?  Do they dress professionally?  Does your personality match up with theirs?  Remember – you will be in intimate situations with them.  Are you comfortable doing this?


Discuss terms of pricing and what is included, timeline to receive your proofs and then, after your photos are picked, when you will receive them, how many copies, and in what formats (black/white, colour, or both).  Do they keep the files and for how long?  What if something happens to your album five years from now and you need new photos?  Sign an agreement/contract.


Go for quality with the photos and don’t worry so much about the album itself.  That could be a great DIY project you can do later if budget is a concern.


Remember – your friend has a life.  Your professional photographer does this daily for a living.


What happens when Uncle Joe crashes into them at the wedding and the camera lens is damaged by the champagne glass?  Do they carry extra lenses with them, more than one camera?  What is their backup plan?  Do they have insurance?  What is your responsibility in this situation if they do not?  What if they get sick?  Injured right before the wedding?


These are a few thoughts to get you started in your search.   Next time we will discuss destination weddings and your photographer.


Stephanie Farley

La Coco Rouge, LLC

Owner – Designer – Performer


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  1. Fabulous advice! Thanks for sharing.

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