WedEclectic Q & A

Our Monday feature is back after Storm Sandy…we will be asking the WedEclectic team a question, and posting their answers…providing some advice, inspiration and insight into the person behind our shops. We hope you enjoy them!

Please reply with your own answer!  : )


How did you choose a dress? What motivated your choice the most (price, style, etc.)?


Keri O'Hara avatar

The heat was a huge factor for me with 100+ temps and an outdoor wedding. I wanted something very light; satin/silky/slip like. 1) Fabric 2) Style 3) Price


Kitty Kanzashi avatar

I knew exactly what I wanted!  I wanted a victorian style corset wedding so my choices were:- 1) Style 2) Price 3) Fabric


Amanda avatar

My perfect choice was SUPER-simple (just a plain white sheath dress in satin, with an embroidered organza over-dress).  It’s exactly what I pictured; something that I could move around in, not feel weighed down in, but also pretty in a unique way.  Price wasn’t really a huge factor, but it was very, very inexpensive, anyway.


Krissy Cartwright avatar

I wanted something unique and under 1000.00.  I got exactly that…and it was a steal for 600.00.


Jennifer Ferencz-Barato avatar

I wanted lots and lots of lace…and didn’t have alot of money to pay for the wedding gown of my dreams. I was lucky enough to find a casablanca design I liked in a bridal shop, but too close to the wedding to order it (for $1100). So I found a used one (same design…1900) being sold online, and had it altered to fit, 6 weeks before the wedding. Little did I know that the alterations would increase the $500 price to $900. Oh, well.  : )

So…how did your search for the perfect gown go? : )

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