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Our new Monday feature…we will be asking the WedEclectic team a question, and posting their answers…providing some advice, inspiration and insight into the person behind our shops. We hope you enjoy them!

Please reply with your own answer!  : )

If you could change or prevent one thing that happened during your wedding or wedding planning, what would it be?


Amanda avatar

I would probably be slightly less “bratty” during the planning process.  I definitely did not want our reception to be a reflection of our parents, rather than  us, and that was the motivator behind my attitude.  But I probably could have been a little more tactful about how I handled some offers for help, etc.

Keri O'Hara avatar

I’m not sure if, or how I would change this, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for it: Making my 3 boys go back home after our destination wedding was a lot harder than I had anticipated. But keeping them around for our honeymoon wasn’t a desirable option either.  If I could do it over again I would plan a second ‘mini honeymoon’ for our new family. So that the kids had something to look forward to when we returned from our real honeymoon.

Kitty Kanzashi avatar

The only thing I would change at my wedding would be the guest list.  My parents wanted to invite a lot of family members out of tradition but as I wanted a small wedding this left very little space for actual friends.  Other then that my wedding was fine………I think…….

Krissy Cartwright avatar

I would have liked the DJ to introduce us with the correct name and not be so confused about our music ;/

Jennifer Ferencz-Barato avatar
Had to laugh at yours, Krissy…we must have had the same DJ! Not only did he butcher a bunch of names at the introduction, and set the volume of the recession music to “earsplitting” (U2’s Beautiful Day will never be the same LOL), but Ruben and I stood in the center of the floor, looking discombobulated, for way too long while the DJ searched for our first dance music. Sigh.My one thing would either be breaking down and hiring the Pros instead of the craigslist DJ (worth the extra $500!), or not having layoffs looming over my job the entire year before the wedding. It put off my wedding DIY creations, and buying a wedding gown, until the last few months, in case we had to have a small private ceremony. : (
Stephanie Farley avatar

Still single!  However I would say as a singleton that stress is the number 1 thing to reduce for planning your wedding.  It’s YOUR and your PARTNERS wedding.  And really – if the flowers arrive in the wrong colour or you have to divide the food in half or have the guests take turns singing their favourite tunes acapella cause the dj passed out…it’s cool.
Your day is about your commitment to each other and all the rest of it is detailing.  We all want a perfect wedding but being too attached can perhaps lead to a stressful and avoidable situation.

So..if you could change one thing that happened during your wedding or wedding planning, or prevent something from happening, what would it be?

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