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Our new Monday feature…we will be asking the WedEclectic team a question, and posting their answers…providing some advice, inspiration and insight into the person behind our shops. We hope you enjoy them!

Please reply with your own answer!  : )

 What long-standing “tradition” did you choose to throw out the window at your wedding? And why?

msformaldehyde avatar

I went to vegas and got married. I will not be doing that again. I regret not doing it right and having some fabulous with a few close friends and family.

Bridesmaids.  Okay, so I sort of had bridesmaids (in that a couple of friends and my sisters threw bridal showers and all), but I married into an Argentine family who thinks the whole “everyone wears the same dress to the reception” concept is just STRANGE.  And, since our wedding and reception were pretty casual and all about the “fun” (rather than the “formal”) aspects, it was no problem really.  It also avoided having to feel like every “close” friend had to be invited to be a bridesmaid!

Oh, I also didn’t have a bouquet.  (Which is EXTRA funny because I’m a horticulturist, who was working at a florist at the time…  ;D  )  I just didn’t want to carry something around all day/night.  So, instead we did a “cake charm” pull to replace the bouquet toss.  Still fun and way less hassle than the bouquet!

Keri O'Hara avatar

We didn’t have bridesmaids, or Groomsmen. We had a destination wedding & only invited family and a couple of friends. It was a 3rd marriage for both of us, so we didn’t have any problem making it all about us. lol

Kitty Kanzashi avatar

I went for the bare essentials so lets see
1) No bridesmaids and groomsmen.  2) No Hen/Stag Party (ie bridal shower) 3) No readings as we wanted the short, short, short version (think of the Spaceball wedding) 4) Did not throw the bouquet as I wanted to keep it. 5) Speeches were banned
What other traditions are there that I didn’t care about????

Christina avatar

I had my brother stand on my (the brides) side!
There was also no father/daughter or mother/son dance at our reception.  We just got the party started!

We had a three day party instead of a formal rehearsal.

My husband wanted a more traditional affair than I did, so the only thing that looked different (up close) were the clay flowers I created. : )
Also no bridal shower…we were in our late 30s, so we didn’t need stuff to fill our already full house. We received recipes to fill a “family and friends cookbook” instead. : )

What traditions do you plan to leave out of your wedding? Or, if you already had your wedding, what did you omit? And why?

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