Wedding Headdress of the world

By  Isla Wong
(aka Kitty Kanzashi)

We often think veils as being the wedding headdress worn by the brides but it made me wonder, what do other countries and cultures (past and present) wear for their weddings?

Hindu Wedding – Mang Tikka

The mang tikka is the piece of jewellery that hangs on the forehead of a hindu bride.  I can imagine some of these mang tikka can get very heavy but what a way to wear something as pretty as a mang tikka.

Vietnam – Khan Dong

Khan Dong is a coil of very stiff brocade fabric that is worn by the bride.  It is worn just like a crown with your hairstyle poking through the middle so perfect for brides who are planning to wear a fancy hairbun.  If you feel the men are left out, don’t worry, there is a version for them as well but it is not as big and fancy as the brides.

Japan – Wataboshi 

The wataboshi can be a hood or a strip of white cloth which is supposed to hide the “horns of jealousy” until the couple is married.  What these horns can be, I do not know but like the veil, it is very simple and chic.

Korean – Jokduri/Hwagwan (more elaborate jokduri) below is an example

Korean brides if they are wearing a traditional hanbok wedding dress will wear a Jokduri or Hwagwan.  This is a crown that sits at the front of the head, I think the crown is held on by strings that are tied at the base of the head.

From what I have read the jokduri and hwagwan are very similar in shape except the hwagwan is decorated more heavily like the picture below.

Russian – Kokoshnik 

This is something from the past and I wish it came back in wedding fashion.  This headdress was once worn part of everywear for Russian women and of course weddings as well.

Tradition states that if you were a girl or unmarried lady you would wear one showing off your hair but once you were married, you would then wear a veil with it.

Chinese – Crown

I remember my mother telling me that when my great grandmother got married she wore a bridal crown but of course we don’t have any pictures of this and it was a long time ago.

Nowadays, most Chinese brides will only wear these at wedding photoshoots rather then at their actual weddings.  However there has been a hanfu movement and some couples are wearing them for their wedding.

African – Gele

This one I would love to try my hands on because I am fascinated by how the fabric seems to defy gravity!  And it is not just the bride who wears ones, this headdress is worn by all females and I think the rule is the bigger the better.

Every lady has their own way of styling their gele and if you hop onto YouTube, there are a lot of videos on how to tie a gele.

Do you have any other wedding headdress you would like to share with us?

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  1. I love seeing other culture’s wedding fashions. Thank you

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