Team Work

By DelaneyJewelryDesign

Marriage is team work.

Two people with different backgrounds, and different outlooks on life, vow to work together.

Some would say that means you sacrifice part of yourselves in order to achieve something greater.

But does that include sports?


Not for this couple.

She grew up in a Penn State household.

And he grew up in a Syracuse household.

So they decided to embrace their differences and combine their team colors; orange and blue.

(Cake topper by MagicMud)

There are so many clever, subtle ways to incorporate a sports theme into any wedding.

Stefanie and Andy used team colors and blended them together for their wedding and reception.

Even members of their bridal party participated in their team spirit.

Their rings arrived at the altar on pillows in their favorite teams color.

Flower Girls carried baskets in both teams colors.

The reception chairs were decorated with orange and blue ribbons which allowed them to seat their families in support of the appropriate team.

They used candles for table decorations in both orange and blue and incorporated the colors into their floral arrangements.

They even dressed their bridesmaid’s and groomsmen in blended team colors.

I love the shoes and socks guys.

It’s a casual, laid-back spin on a very elegant celebration.

There are all kinds of decorations, paper products, and gift ideas for sports themed weddings.

If a sports themed wedding is the special touch you are looking for, here are a few more ideas to help:

  • Invitations can be themed as tickets to a big game
  • Play by play programs
  • Consider getting married at a local stadium
  • Mini baseball bat, or tennis racquet boutonnieres
  • Bridal parties in partial uniforms such as baseball caps, or jerseys
  • Stadium foods at reception such as peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, etcetera

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