By LaCoCoRouge

You’ve heard of vision boards and style boards but have you heard of Pinterest?

Putting together your wedding is a big deal and involves planning from décor, to apparel to food, entertainment and beyond.

Lists are one way to keep ideas and thoughts together but sometimes it can be difficult to explain to your wedding stylist or friends what it is you really envision.

Pinterest is an online image gallery similar to Tumblr but with the added advantage of having multiple boards laid out with images and blends Twitter type #hashtags to make items easier to find.

Imagine putting together a board for a wedding dress, colours you want to use, bridesmaid’s gifts, décor, food, hairstyles, makeup and more.

Gone is the frustration of telling your hairstylist that you want your hair to swoop down in a single curl with two braids when you can simply show him/her a collection of images from your board.

All those magazines littering the floor with paper scraps and quite possibly paper cuts (if you were me) are a memory as you gather images from the web and add them to your categories.

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  1. For me, this is the best possible use for pinterest! It’s fun to look through things and use for personal stuff (like home decor ideas, or fashion tips), but I LOVE being able to collaborate with other people, using images! I’ve organized several events through pinterest, using the “+ contributors” feature. Everyone involved in the event can then “pin” things to one board, until we all know we’re on the same visual page. Sooooo helpful, especially if we don’t have the opportunity to meet often in person! Great article!

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