Tips for a Less Expensive Wedding – #4 Call In Those Favors!

Tip #1   Prioritize!

Tip #2   Have the “Money Chat”

Tip #3   Set a Realistic Budget

Tip #4   Call in those favors!

Now is not the time to be shy!  You are getting married and hopefully your friends are ecstatic for you!  If any of them happen to be photographers, florists, or designers of any kind, it’s not out of line to ask if they’d be willing to donate some of their time or talents in place of a more traditional gift.  Especially if you’ve helped them out before; an exchange of talents is only fair!  PLEASE keep in mind, though, that expecting them to do everything for free may be asking too much! Knowing how much you could be spending for another professional will help you gauge how your friend’s time is worth, so do your homework before approaching them!  This is vital, as it will avoid awkward situations in a serious way.

I have a pretty big family.  And, lucky for my wedding budget, they also happen to be pretty talented!  My older sister—a graphic designer—designed our wedding announcement.  My cousin—a seamstress—created the frilly over-dress that I wanted at a discount for me.  My husband’s mother—a pastry chef—did a lot of the food herself, including our delicious cake.  I also have two amazing friends who took care of our photography on the big day and a couple of co-workers (who owned a floral business) got me a discount on the floral elements I used.

And, remember my friend, Julianna?  Well, her gorgeous pictures were taken by a phenomenally talented friend of the family, who was willing to give Julianna a huge discount in exchange for getting to use the photos in her budding portfolio.  Never hurts to ask!

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