Wedding Gifts

By Isla Wong (aka Kitty Kanzashi)

Wedding Gifts

In the ye old days, it was customary for wealthy brides to receive a trousseau on her wedding.  This contained all the clothes that the lady will need for her married life.

Then as the years rolled on this turned into household items which the couple need to set up home.

However nowadays many of us already have all the things we need therefore what should you ask your guest to give?

Honeymoon fund

Whether you are asking them to contribute to a specific element like the hotel or just a general pot of money this is a nice idea because it will give the guest a chance to contribute to a gift that will be enjoyed and provided many happy memories.

Charity donation

There is nothing like spreading your joy with other people so why not help others who are in need.  In these current economic time, charities are the hardest hit due to the lack of funding from governments so they need private donations more then ever.

Deposit for Future Home

We all wish the happy couple the best for the future and what could be better then giving them a hand in getting their first house!  With rising house prices (especially in the UK), it is getting harder and harder for first time buyer to build up the deposit that is necessary to secure a mortgage on a house so with the help of family and friends you could make their future a little bit easier.


This is the route I took and this caused a raised eyebrow from my mother in law since asking for money as a wedding gift is often considered vulgar.  However, it is traditional in many eastern cultures for money to be presented as a wedding gifts and since I am Chinese this seemed perfectly natural to me.  Now each culture has there own way of presenting the money to the couple, for the Chinese, it is presented in red envelope, just like the one above but it can also be included in the congratulation card as well.

Do you have any other ideas which might be an alternative to the traditional wedding list?  If you do then let us know in the comments!

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  1. My daughter’s Waldorf class celebrated the Chinese New Year at school the other day and she came home with a red envelope just like that. It had a penny in it. She had a handful of other items such a a fortune cookie, chopsticks, etc. (she’s in Kindergarten) but that envelope stuck out because I didn’t know what it symbolized until just now. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I think it’s a fantastic tradition and you can bet my younger sisters will hear all about it from me. Thanks so much for this post.

  2. My mother and father have stacks of these envelopes for every occasion possible. I have to admit, it makes gift giving very simple.

  3. One idea I came across that I thought was really unique is a registry that allows people to contribute either old jewelry or cash that goes toward the creation of your wedding bands! More info here:

    It’s a great idea if you’re on a budget or going the green route!

  4. Great post! Things have definitely changed in the world of wedding traditions. My mother has a hard time with all of the ideas you mentioned, because she’s sort of stuck in her ways and believes giving money is tacky, even if it goes toward the honeymoon, house, etc. But she’s going to have to get with the times!! I think they’re great ideas. 🙂

  5. Loved this and posted on my Facebook page. Thanks!

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