A Cultural Wedding

As a designer, to hear that your work has been featured somewhere; well, it’s the icing on the cake. Whether it’s traditional or non, exotic or more familiar, it doesn’t even matter; it’s simply delicious. And I love to share, so feast your eyes on this……

Maharani Weddings: Southern California Wedding Ceremony by Grand Design Photography

Rajeev and Shavreen

Her jewelry was made with stunning diamonds and rubies.




 There are so many special touches for this wedding; every detail is custom and personalized.


 And for my contribution…..

The memorial charm that dangles from her bouquet, in honor of her father, whom she lost 7 years ago.

If these exquisite images leave you wanting more, simply follow this link to Maharani Weddings to see the rest of this beautiful event: http://www.maharaniweddings.com/

Keri O’Hara




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  1. The bouquet charm is such a lovely way for the bride to walk down the aisle with her father. Such a beautiful wedding!

  2. Thanks you so much. I was honored to play my small part in their special day. It was a very important piece for her. I loved creating it, and I was thrilled when she shared her images with me.

  3. WOW that is still an honor for your small part of their special day. Such an amazing event!!

  4. Congrats Keri! I love every bit of the wedding!!!!

  5. those henna tattoos are so incredible!

  6. I never get tired of looking at mehndi designs. Probably since no two are alike.

  7. It was ALL so gorgeous! I love cultural weddings.

  8. I’ve had the pleasure of attending an Indian wedding before, and I LOVED it. It’s so fun to experience the commitment of marriage through another cultural lens, and the dancing was unlike anything else I’ve ever seen (or tried!) before! 🙂

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