A Guide to Veils

Veils come in soooo many styles that finding a comprehensive list is near impossible.  Especially if you want to see some edgy or nontraditional looks.   Here is a guide from Wed Eclectic for your veil needs.

So you are planning on donning a veil for your wedding day.  What style do you choose???  Are you a lover of the romantic, a fearless modern bride that wants to rock the trends not yet started, or something in between?

Veils can be made of several different materials; Russian veiling, English merrywidow, French veiling (not made anymore but can be found in vintage stock), silk, lace, and tulle.

First of all length:

Birdcage… a short veil perfect for a modern bride.

  • – 9, 12 or 18 inches.  Two layered, bandeau, or whole birdcage.

Shoulder Length… stylish and a touch edgy with a vintage romantic feel.

Elbow Length… classic with a spirted twist.

Fingertip Length… a classic.

Waltz Length (sometimes called ballet)… hits at the back of the knees for a sweet look.

Chapel…long and flowing to the edge of your dress train.  Ideal for romance.

Cathedral…very very long trailing far past the edge of your dress line.  Uber romantic: the stuff of fairy tales and royal weddings.

bridesmaids veils package (4)


Wedding Veil - Short, Shoulder Length, 4 Layer Veil. Available in White, Diamond White, Pink and Ivory. The Prudy Veil - Made To Order.

Shoulder Length

Single Layer Elbow Length Tulle Veil with Swarovski Rhinestone Corners in Ivory or White

Elbow Length

Silk Dupion Edged Fingertip Veil

Fingertip Length

Silk Trim Chapel Blusher Veil SHIPS IN 72HRS

Chapel Length

Waltz Length Swarovski Crystal Wedding Veil 49 inch custom

Waltz Length

Custom Handmade Cathedral Veil Detailing Made to Order

Cathedral Length

Okay you’ve decided which length to choose but what about embellishments???  Crystals?  Lace?  Dots?

Embellish it!

32 Inch Sparkle Sparkle Wedding Veil

Crystals for Sparkle

Bridal Veil Circle with Vintage Lace Edge

Vintage Lace

Ivory and Gold Sunburst Flower Fascinator w/ Ostrich Feathers - Art Deco Revival - by Moonshine Baby


Okay so far we’ve been playing it safe and sticking with beautiful veils.  BUT, what if you’ve already seen all of your dear friends wear those and UGH it’s just not for you????


Romantic White Lace Bandeau Mask w/ Swarovski Pearls & French Netting - by Moonshine Baby

Bandeau Mask

The Elenore

Bubble Veil

Turquoise Birdcage Veil bridal bridesmaid Bandeau 9 inches retro

COLOR! Turquoise!

Catalina-chantilly rose lace trimmed mantilla veil

Mantilla Style

Bridal lace cap with veil, french and vintage inspired - Style 103 - Made to Order

Bridal lace cap with veil

Peacock Inspired Headpiece


Ultra-modern shoulder length veil - Style: 0038

Ultra Modern

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  1. What a gorgeous collection! Very helpful to see all the choices when picking out a veil. Thanks!

  2. Lovely stuff! My wedding veil was waltz length.

  3. I love a great veil and that ultra modern one was so me!!

  4. That train track shot is all kinds of ridiculous!

  5. oooh la la! too bad lacy head apparel is only a one day in your life fashion statement – so many beautiful options.

  6. I love the incredible amount of variety offered here! So many gorgeous choices…What’s a bride-to-be to do?

  7. Great post Krissy! Especially loving the birdcage pic. That + short modern dresses are so cute! Also, wow on the super modern veil!

  8. there really are sooo many pretty veils. Hows a bride to choose?

  9. there are so many options for veils! Just when I think I’ve found a favorite style I’ll come across another one that I love. Great examples here!

  10. Great post! So many lovely options!!

  11. So many pretty veils and it was a shame that I didn’t wear one for my big day but they I didn’t want to hide my fancy hair.

  12. Great roundup of both traditional and modern options!

  13. I’ve been schooled in veil-ery! Fantastic article – 10 stars 🙂

  14. Fab post with something for every kind of bride to swoon over!

  15. pretty veils!Very traditional but more creative when it comes to design!Great post!

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