Stylish Without Being Trendy

Trends come and go.  The poofy sleeves inspired by the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles will forever date the weddings of the late seventies and early eighties.  The mustache photo props of the here and now will date our time as well.  This said, how do you do the fun and stylish things in your wedding without being part of a fad?  Simple, you choose only the items that reflect your personality and nothing else.  Period.  It can’t be a fad or trendy if it is truly a representation of you as a couple.

 If you LOVE mustaches and the quirky humor they inspire then go for it.  But, if you just think they are kind of fun and want a photo prop I urge you to become more creative.  Were you an equestrian as a child?  Why not get a pony on a stick instead?  Is he in any armed forces or any profession that could easily be identified with hats and/or accessories?  A fireman’s helmet or military saber could be very cool props.



The strapless mermaid dresses that have hugged our curves for some time now may be beautiful but do they really scream YOU?  Are you more of a capped sleeve kind of gal like I was?  Do you think that cinched waists of the 40s and 50s styles would flaunt your curves with just as much gusto?

50's style "Uptown Doll" wedding dress
I love mason jars and the fun things that can be done with them, but is that really the look that your fiancé would want to take home and decorate with?  I suggest purchasing décor for your wedding that you would be happy to take home and display.  This way you are really showing your style and getting the added benefit of personalizing your home as a newly married couple.

I think you get my point.  Be true to you and you cannot go wrong.  You will never look back at your photos and wonder why in the world did I do that???


Make Believe’N 

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  1. Style is eternal-fashion (trends) are fleeting.Great post!

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