>The Gypsy life is calling to me


I’m feeling something in the air…the gypsies are calling to me.  The urge to travel and collect shiny gaudy baubles as I go.  The bohemian trend is making way for a more in your face gypsy trend.  Patterns, large statement jewelry, bright colors and lace combine to make this an interesting time in fashion.  Can you close your eyes and feel the fire on your face while the family sings?  Maybe it is just longing for the warm summer months…hmmmmmmm.  
OOAK Vintage Lace Handmade Dress Altered Couture Cotton Doilies Upcycled
Gypsy wedding dress
Try something new with this upcycled wedding dress made of doilies.  
Gypsy night
Honeymoon in your own Gypsy caravan.
Seville Romance Venus Goddess Plum Peony Garland Motif Hippie Bohemian Dusty Olive Grayish Gold  Maxi Satin Dress Gown
Gypsy Dress by bohemianhippies
Bridesmaids wouldn’t mind wearing this dress.
you make lovin fun
Jacket by Girlonavine
The Daring Debutante-Masses of Chains, Beads and Rhinestone Statement Necklace
Statement necklace by MorticiaSnow

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