>Eco DIY Family Friendly Wedding


Elizabeth and Joshua Goldapp decided to have a wedding to match who they are; fun loving, Eco-conscious, and family oriented.  Elizabeth’s advice to couples is to remember that the day is about you as a couple.  Your guests will appreciate a customized representation of who you are.  The amount you spend is not a representation of your commitment or love for each other.    Elizabeth and Joshua took this to heart and you can see it in all of the fine details of their amazing day.

The couple was married close to home by Elizabeth’s little brother (ordained online) at the Pinecone Amphitheater of the 4H Center in Madrid Iowa.  They chose this location because their money would go to a local organization they feel should be supported.  The Goldapp’s have been Wal-Mart free for more than five years and typically buy local and independent.  If they couldn’t buy local then they specifically purchased for the reduced impact on the environment or from an Etsy.com shop.  See the list at the end.   The BBQ dinner meat, cupcakes and flowers were all locally purchased.  They purchased an invitation template from Empapers on Etsy.com and had it printed locally on recycled paper.  Mason jars that decorated the tables came from freecycle.org a free classified site, where every item is free/given away.  Elizabeth’s beautiful diamond wedding ring was a deliberate ethical Eco friendly choice.   Her wedding dress is organic cotton and bamboo by Isadora.  Each option chosen for this wedding clearly represented how much the Goldapps respect the local economy and the environment.
Responsibility aside, fun certainly reigned at this wedding too.  An overall casual feel surrounds the guests with name tags (because seriously who knows everyone at a wedding), picnic style dining, paper lanterns, butcher block paper covered tables (with crayons for drawing of course), and to top it off matching Chuck Taylor shoes for the Bride and Groom.  Come comfortable was a clear instruction to the guests.  Sounds like my kind of wedding!  The favors were inspired directly by the bride and groom.  He has a passion for guitars.  She is covered in tattoos.  Each guest was given a custom guitar pick from www.steveclayton.com and a temporary tattoo.  Too cute!  I think their guests had a blast.  If they didn’t well…that’s their fault.

All the fun was for one reason; to bring the loved ones of Elizabeth and Joshua together to celebrate this union.  When Elizabeth was writing her wedding details to me I don’t think she realized how much her family was included.  It was especially touching to see that traditional family recipes were cooked and shared at the wedding.  Lefse for Elizabeth’s side and peanut butter balls for Joshua’s side.   I loved her explaining why her flower girl received a bubble gun instead of flowers.  (Extreme shyness Elizabeth thought could be thawed with the toy)  There was so much kindness and tons of thoughtful consideration to the comfort of those around her.  (Anybody notice the golf cart in the pics ?– easier travel for the Grandparents)  Tragically Elizabeth lost her father two years prior in Afghanistan.  She did an entire table of memorial photographs to allow even those missing to be a part of her and Joshua’s day.  These special touches are what make a wedding a day to remember.

Thank you to the Goldapps for telling us about your Eco DIY Family Friendly wedding story.  A special thank you to Chris Fowler and Michelle Boettcher for being ‘free’ photographers for a day.

Free classified: freecycle.org
Paper lanterns: www.lunabazaar.com
Temporary tattoos: http://www.tattoosales.com/
Table décor/art favors: http://www.etsy.com/shop/horseshoecrab

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  1. >What an awesome story!! There are so many beautiful elements to this Wedding. I love that the couple were married By Elizabth's brother. In Canada we are a little more limited- you can have anyone do the vows, rings, etc but the few legal parts of the ceremony must be done by the JP or what have you. In our case we had my husbands best friend do all the fun stuff like vows and had a wonderful Justice of the Peace fill in for the legal stuff. Compromise, right?Congratulations to the beautiful Bride and Groom- may the rest of your days together be as beautiful and heartfelt as your Wedding:)

  2. >I was fortunate enough to be a part of Liz and Josh's wedding. That day truly was beautiful and a perfect example of the love Liz and Josh share and their combined love for their friends, family, community, Earth, and of course each other. One thing I wanted to mention is that along with all the supplies and items bought from Etsy and local businesses Liz put A LOT of hard/fun work into adding all the personal special touches to her wedding. The bouquets had cloth, hand made (by Liz) flower buds. She also hand dyed lace fabric to be used as table cloths. She made individual bags for the wedding favors, she cleaned all the Mason Jars (they were free so they didn't come in the best condition) and then she set each one with the rock and flowers. There is SO much more that Liz and Josh did to make their day totally unique beautiful and to be sure that it represented their life together in every way. I don't remember a single guest at the wedding who didn't feel the love between them or have one of the best wedding experiences ever. I know that I had an amazing time at their wedding and to be a part of it is something I will always cherish. Liz and Josh are an inspiration to many to not be afraid to live life to the fullest and to stand by your choices and beliefs. Thank you for featuring them.

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