>Hot Air Balloons!


What could be more offbeat from the traditional path than a Hot Air Balloon wedding?

Floating with lofty ideals, high on love and a desire to step forth into a new phase in your lives melds seamlessly with the thought of leaving the ground and taking the high road with the birds and the clouds.

Here’s one site where you can research your own locations for attaining Hot Air Bliss.

Asheville Hot Air Balloons will even offer to have up to 28 balloons tethered together for a full wedding party in the air!

Looking for a little inspiration while you ponder your flight filled fantasy? Check out these cool images from fellow Etsy sellers:




If you have a cool story involving a wedding and hot air balloons we want to hear about it!

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  1. >When my brother was going to propose to his girlfriend he wanted a hot air balloon involved. She didn't live too far from Temecula California where they have lots of hot air balloons. So he arranged to have her friends and the family on the ground with a huge sign saying "Lu Marry Me?" so she could see it as they were coming in for landing after their exquisite champagne laden ride and views of the wine country. She was thrilled and needless to say very impressed with my brothers ingenuity of proposing in such a unique way!! I enjoyed this post very much as it brought back such a wonderful memory!!

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