>GIVEAWAY for March


April 2 – UPDATE……the winner will be announced later this afternoon and details about April’s HUGE GIVEAWAY will be posted!!!

Another month, another giveaway!! For March’s giveaway we have a two Etsy shop’s who have graciously given gift certificates.

Our first shop is LIAISON.
If you are the winner for March you will receive a $30.00 gift certificate to her shop.
To find out more about Kat of Liaison and her stunning creations click HERE.

Click on the photo to see more in her shop!

And next we have a $100.00 gift certificate from Vanessa of Isadora Clothing

The Chameleon dress, Isadora’s exclusive version of the convertible wrap dress, is custom made every time- you choose the fabric ( velvet, satin jersey, matte jersey or bamboo/organic cotton jersey), the color ( over 100 to choose from), size, length and hem style.   

Enter to win by leaving a comment here about your offbeat wedding or what makes you an offbeat bride or groom. And also send me a convo through my Etsy shop Vintage Frocks Of Fancy or email me at VintageFrocksOfFancy@gmail.com.

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  1. >I'm an offbeat bride because I'm throwing out all traditions and throwing a kick-A party for a third the cost of the average wedding… I am in love with Liason and Isadora clothing. Thanks for shedding light on these talented people!

  2. >I'm an offbeat bride because my fiance and I are throwing an all vegetarian reception, and plan to have our dog present for the ceremony. 🙂

  3. >I'm an offbeat bride because my fiance and I will be doing our pictures wedding pictures the day before. I get to wear my wedding dress 2 days instead of just one!

  4. >I'm an offbeat bride because I'm totally avoiding the traditional bridal look that is just stuff I'll never wear again. My awesome custom wedding dress is from Isadora (thanks Vanessa!) and my jewelry is from other Etsy designers. After the April wedding and June reception — my fiance and I are eloping in a private ceremony on a tropical island to avoid the insanity of a wedding big enough for all of our loved ones — I'll dye my Isadora dress black and hem it to cocktail length. My forever LBD. Etsy designer The Silver Artisan (aka Hammered Heather) is making me a karma circles bracelet and matching earrings, and CAPGEMS2 is making my sterling silver necklace with gemstones in shades of blue. Actually CAPGEMS2 is sending an extra pair of briolette gems to Hammered Heather to hang from my karma circle earrings, so that the three pieces will coordinate. Spiffing Jewelry is making me another bracelet to wear plus a coordinating dog tag style keychain for my fiance (my wedding gift to him, both pieces will have the latitude/longitude coordinates of where we're swapping vows). My barettes are being made by R. Parish Woodwork using the same kind of wood that's in my wedding band. Every Etsy designer I've worked with has been excited to create custom items that are both perfect for my laid-back tropical wedding and practical enough that I'll wear them on a regular basis. We'll be celebrating our wedding with loved ones in June at a family-friendly, daytime BBQ at a park near our home. It's definitely NOT a wedding reception, just a fun, come-as-you-are gathering with great food and entertainment. As a bonus, my Isadora dress is casual and comfortable enough that I won't feel out-of-place amongst our no-dress-code guests. I can't wait!!

  5. >My wedding was offbeat because we were already married a week beforehand!

  6. >We are an offbeat couple because we don't believe in the bridal industry and are trying to do everything ourselves or with Etsy vendors! We've already been together for 7 years and living together for 4. Our wedding will be about our friends and families and having fun. We're also a mixed-race couple and our incorporating different heritages and traditions!

  7. >I'm an offbeat bride to be….because I am having a RAINBOW WEDDING. why choose one color, when i'm in love with the full spectrum of life. We're getting married in a rainbow HOT AIR BALLOON, that i grew up crewing with my parents in the hills of central alaska… followed by a Rainbow Green Raw Food (vegan raw delights) reception. with everything and anything homemade/diy/re-used or recycled.saving money and growing in love and creation… only the good things in life are worth celebrating! 🙂

  8. >we are an offbeat couple because we are getting married on the beach in the south of china! we are an expat couple (canadian and argentinian) living in china so that cuts down the guest list to the closest friends and family. we are also trying to make it as hand-made as possible: my dress is from isadora, my shoes and ring are also from etsy and his ring is from a small tibetan jewelry shop.

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