Everyone loves to win prizes and at Offbeat Etsy Weddings we are no exception.

So in honor of our love for, not just for winning, but also GIVING, we are having a monthly giveaway starting the first of each month.

It’s super easy to enter!! All you have to do is leave a comment on our Giveaways page telling us what makes you offbeat and then send me a quick email at VintageFrocksOfFancy@gmail.com with the words ‘offbeat giveaway’ in the subject line (or send me a convo on Etsy at  VintageFrocksOfFancy) Isn’t that simple??

We will notify and post the winner by the 30th of each month (or the 28th in February)!!

Now…..drum roll please…….for FEBRUARY’s GIVEAWAY we have a WONDERFUL GRAB BAG for you!!
(If you click on the photo or the Shop name you will see more details about each item)

The winner will get the following:

in color of your choice
Generously donated by 10eisha!!
10eisha creates cruelty free hair accessories for the colorful bride, bridesmaids or just girls out for a night of excitement and glamour.
$30.00 Gift Certificate to
Jennifer at Clay Bouquet Shop on Etsy offers a lovely variety of Bridal Belts, Sashes and Hair Accessories.
Here is one example of a Crystal Jeweled Bridal Belt
Mysterious Artisan Mask
At ArtisanMaskers they create each mask from scratch using hand crafted techniques
from start to finish. You will recieve a mask similar to the above or ArtisanMaskers also create custom masks with colors and designs of your choosing.
(If you do choose so and want a custom mask you can apply the cost of the above mask to your custom order).

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  1. >I would say that I am offbeat because my love of Twin Peaks has inspired my fiance and I to theme our wedding after the show/movie! I'm even going to get a new tattoo to show off in my wedding gown to honor the whole experience.

  2. >There is no one element that makes me offbeat. Rather, a collection of elements that make up my personality (and will define our wedding) places me in this category. First of all, I'm anti-foofy. This won't be a fancy-pink-sparkly-princess wedding. With today's bridal market, this defines the anti-bride. Also, I'm wearing Grandma's dress and walking down the aisle to a surprise bagpipe player. Details offbeat enough?

  3. >i'm offbeat because i'm having a low-budget wedding with karaoke in lieu of dancing and a beatles theme with mexican food!

  4. >Our wedding is going to be an offbeat affair! The birdcage veil is perfect for me since it is cruelty free and I am a vegan. Our wedding is going to be full of DIY-victorian-deco-eclectic-cruelty-free surprises!

  5. >Our wedding is off-beat because my honey is Australian, my family is from New Jersey and we're getting married in Wisconsin. I'm wearing a vintage blue dress and making everything for this wedding from my own jewelry to the favors.

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