>The Dress Edition – Offbeat Bridal Gown of Color



With so many brides wanting to express their unique individuality, the truly Offbeat bride is making headway in forming new traditions as alternatives to old ones.


As your wedding day is a momentous time, the importance of choosing a bridal gown that not only reflects your individual style but one that also makes you feel comfortable enough to stand, dance, laugh and shed tears of joy in!


You have been planning this day, dreaming of walking down the aisle with the man you love – all eyes will be gazing on the beautiful bride as she recites her vows. This dream wedding is reflecting your style as a couple, and the wedding gown reflects your individual style as a bride.


A newer tradition offered to the Offbeat bride wanting to express her individuality is choosing a gown of color! Be it your favorite color or one that makes you feel happy in, you have more choices now with the advent and availability of custom services from independent designers and artists on the internet. Particularly popular is Etsy, where so many unique designers, who understand your needs meet under one venue.

And we at Offbeat Etsy Wedding Team are here to serve you, aiding in any advice you may need for your upcoming Offbeat nuptials, so please feel welcome to shout out to us if ever the need arises.


And may your dream wedding be filled with romantic bliss and happiness!

xoxo – The Girls and Guys at Offbeat Etsy Wedding Team

Posted on January 22, 2011, in bridal dresses, costumes, wedding gowns. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. >That last pic from LIAISON is so romantic!Soooo true about picking a dress that looks awesome but is also good for lots of standing, dancing, laughing, hugging and crying 🙂

  2. >I'm sorry I missed this! So lovely of you. Thanks so much, Kat

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