>Be Fearless, Gorgeous, And Completely You!


So your wedding photos are done! Whew! Your face muscles are stiff and hurt but the pictures look just fabulous- they’re the pictures your mom, your grandmother, your aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, third cousins twice removed by marriage all want on their mantles and on the shelves of their hutches (hey, and yours too!). But now it’s time to get the bridal pictures youreally want… now it’s your chance to get those photos that will show your personality, your shine, your uniqueness, your beauty.

A little deco glamour…

A Little Musical Poetry…

Show your fearless side!
I had the great fortune of meeting an amazing photographer, Erin Durband. She had bought one of my hair accessories (thank you Erin!) and I became curious about her photography. And I am so glad that I did! This talented woman shoots some of the most beautiful and original trash that dress photographs that I have ever come across. And trash that tuxedo photos as well! Just incredibly fluid and natural.

Don’t forget about the boys!
Prior to her current endeavors, she was taking wedding photographs, but wanted to go beyond the wedding, wanted to be able to have the bride and the groom be free in their expression. Well she found her outlet, and with beautifully artistic results as well!

Natural Seduction…

Check out her AMAZING portfolio for more incredible shots! I was definitely WOWED!!!!

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  1. >out of curiosity, how does one post a comment on the giveaway page? am i missing something?and in other news, you all have a gazillion great things in this blog!

  2. >Bex, thank you! It is now possible to post a comment on the giveaway page 🙂

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