>Eco Chic Wedding Ideas

>I can totally understand why my carbon footprint is important, even if I haven’t done everything I can to reduce it.  For the wedding couple that is making every effort in having the most Eco friendly wedding…..

These tumblers were originally wine glasses that are now reused and created into a set of glasses anyone would enjoy.  Perfect for the entire wedding reception as favors or as a gift to the Eco conscious wedding couple.  Bottlehood has vision!

Set of SIX TUMBLERS made from Recycled Wine Bottles

10eisha is one of the originators of cruelty free feather wedding products.  All of the feathers in her amazing items are collected without any harm to the birds.  She can also go vegan and recycled at a clients request.  Her Eco friendly supplies can be purchased for your own DIY wedding adventure at http://www.etsy.com/shop/ethicalfindings

LaurenLoweDesigns takes the time to do Eco friendly invites right.  There are no new trees used the the production of these invitations.  All of her designs are original and super chic!

Eco friendly - Spring Mist - Wedding Invitations

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